Welcome from the Head, Department of Management, Marketing and Digital Business

Welcome to the Department of Management, Marketing and Digital Business.

First of all, the business of any business organisation in the modern era is the management of its scarce resources, strategic marketing of goods and services better than the competitors and grow its digital business strategy. Hence this department is focused on management, marketing and digital business. The Dept. of MMDB is part of the Faculty of Business at the Curtin University Malaysia. In a complex business environment triggered by the adoption of digital acceleration, disruptive digital technologies innovations, cut-throat business competition and in particular the current economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in all the global business sectors. It is imperative to change the narrative and the direction of our academic degree programmes offerings in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) dynamic world.

Therefore, the success of any modern business ventures lies in the amount of its available resources, skills competencies and technologies. As a leading, dynamic and specialised department, we have carefully crafted and focused on our core competencies in meeting the needs of our main stakeholders. We have assessed the past, strategically managing the present, and focusing on the future by offering strategic business degree at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to future-proof the career of our current and potential students. On this premise, this department is saddled with the responsibilities of managing core business courses and specialisations in management, marketing, human resources, international business, digital marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, small business start-up, tourism and hospitality management. These degree programmes have been developed by professional curriculum developers and discipline experts to meet the current need of the global economic sectors and future demand.

In fulfilling the expectations of our stakeholders and especially our students, we have carefully employed competent and professional faculty members. These are excellent team players, goal-getters, dedicated and committed to impacting knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes that build confidence required for our students to be thorough breeds business professionals. Moreover, this department is strategically positioned to deliver cutting-edge research output that addresses contemporary global business challenges and issues affecting society well-being. We leveraged on all these in building robust and sustainable platforms within the available resources to be a catalyst working collaboratively with the host community, business sectors, government and its agencies, stakeholders, and members of international community in order to deliver what we have promised and in achieving our corporate goals for the benefits of all the stakeholders.

Finally, we have successfully managed and improved the quality of our learning and teaching delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic via online and hybrid options. Notably, strategies have been put in  place to manage the scenario in post COVID-19 age. The available resources, capability, and technologies at our disposal are more than enough at mitigating the current and future challenges. We are humble to announce that our social contract with the current and future students is to future-proof their career. Please do join us and enroll in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Thank you for your continued support as our valuable partners. Kindly contact us for any enquiries.

Associate Professor Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Head of Department, Department of Management, Marketing and Digital Business
Faculty of Business