Dr Lynn, Ling Yew Hua

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting)
Thesis title: Short-Term Wealth Effects of Acquisition Announcements by Family-Controlled Firms in Malaysia
Curtin University, Bentley, Australia

Master of Commerce
Curtin University, Bentley, Australia

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
Curtin University, Bentley, Australia


Professional Membership

Malaysian Institute of Accountants
Membership No. 42409
2017 – current


Office No.

+60 85 630100 ext. 2741





Room No.

No. 15, Row 1


Employment History

  1. Lecturer
    Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
    Faculty of Business
    Curtin University, Malaysia
    2009 to present


Unit Taught

  1. ACCT 1000 Introduction to Accounting
  2. ACCT 2000 Accounting Systems
  3. ACCT 2002 Management Accounting


Research Interests

  1. Family firms
  2. Malaysian family firm performance
  3. Merger and acquisitions
  4. Event study methodology
  5. Cumulative abnormal returns


Journal Articles

  1. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, MD Shibley Sadique (2014). Do family-controlled Malaysian firms create wealth for investors in the context of corporate acquisitions? Capital Market Review[1], 22(1 & 2), 1-26.

Conference Proceedings / Presentations

  1. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, and MD Shibley Sadique (2018, July 5-6). Family directors and independent directors of Malaysian public-listed family firms from the perspective of corporate acquisitions and its policy implications. Paper presented at the 6th International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  2. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, and MD Shibley Sadique (2015, June 2-4). Independent directors: The case of Malaysian family-controlled firms and corporate acquisitions. Paper presented at the 17th Malaysian Finance Association (MFA) Conference 2015, Sabah, Malaysia.
  3. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, and MD Shibley Sadique (2014, June 4-6). Do Malaysian family-controlled firms create wealth for investors? Within the context of corporate acquisitions. Paper presented at the 16th Malaysian Finance Association (MFA) Conference 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  4. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, and MD Shibley Sadique (2013, December 7-8). Corporate acquisitions of Malaysian family-controlled firms: Is an act of minority shareholders expropriation? Paper presented at the 2nd Applied International Business Conference, Sabah, Malaysia.
  5. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, and MD Shibley Sadique (2012, October 15-16). Corporate acquisitions and Malaysian family bidder returns: A study on agency problem. Paper presented at the International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance,  Kuching, Malaysia.
  6. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, and MD Shibley Sadique (2012, September 3-6). Is founder effect prevalent in Malaysia family firms? From the perspective of corporate acquisitions. Paper presented at the 11th International Entrepreneurship Forum Conference 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  7. Ling Yew Hua, John Evans, Junaid Shaikh, and MD Shibley Sadique (2012, June 2-3). Short-term wealth effects of acquisition announcements by family controlled firms in Malaysia. Paper presented at the 14th Malaysian Finance Association (MFA) Conference 2012, Penang, Malaysia.

Research Grants

On-going Research

  1. Research Title: Entrepreneurial Orientation of Small and Medium Practices in Malaysia.
    Awarding Body: Faculty of Business, Curtin University, Malaysia
    Amount: RM8,000
    Duration: November 2016 – present
    Research Role: Principal Researcher

Research Awards

  1. INTERNATIONAL Research Award on Originality, Creativity and Innovation and Contribution to Policy or Enterprise Development during the 11th Conference of the International Entrepreneurship Forum, awarded by University of Essex Business School & OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) for the research paper titled “Is Founder Effect Prevalent in Malaysia Family Firms? From the Perspective of Corporate Acquisitions” – 2012
  2. INTERNATIONAL Research Award for Best Paper Award, awarded by MFA (Malaysia Finance Association) during the 16th MFA Conference for the research paper titled “Do Malaysian Family-Controlled Firms Outrun Family Curse? Within the Context of Corporate Acquisitions” – 2014


[1] Capital Market Review is the journal of the Bursa Malaysia (Malaysia Stock Exchange) & Malaysian Finance Association



Updated on: 9 August 2019