Terms of Reference (ToR)

Membership 2021

Associate Dean, R&D, FoB (Chair)
Dean, FoB
HDR Programme Coordinator
Academic Staff Representing All Departments Within the FoB
HDR Student Representative

Terms of Reference
• To facilitate and implement the Faculty’s Research Strategy on behalf of the FoB Management;
• To initiate and promote inter-Department and inter-Faculty research work;
• To maintain, via Associate Dean (R&D), a formal link between the FoB and University R&D Committee and R&D Office.
• To monitor the Faculty’s research performance;
• To identify and prioritise responses to major research funding opportunities;
• To coordinate and prioritise collaborative bids across the Faculty;
• To develop strategies for the marketing of the research capabilities of the Faculty;
• To advise on, and monitor the quality of, support for the Faculty’s research activities & HDR students’ needs;
• To advise on the coordination of major research facilities within the Faculty;
• To advise the Faculty Management on the allocation of funding for research initiatives; and
• Members are responsible for providing a conduit for communication from the Committee to Departments.

Frequency of Meetings
The committee meets formally four times in a year.

Members are appointed for one year.