2021 Upcoming Event

MPhil Milestone 2 Presentation by Yeo Hui Hui

Date: June-21, 2021

Time: 3 pm


R&D Roundtable Talks (2): Innovation In Higher Education chair by Wendy Law

Date: June-23, 2021

Time: 10 am

4th International Conference on Management and Entrepreneurship (i-CoME), Co-host by Curtin University Malaysia

Date: July 22-24, 2021

R&D Roundtable Talks (3): Sustainability Management, Wellbeing & Innovation [and] Sensible Marketing & Smart Societies

Date: June-25, 2021

Time: 10.00 am

2021 Asian Meeting of Econometric Society Conference by Curtin University Malaysia

Date: June-25 to 27, 2021

HDR Workshop on Qualitative Approach by Dr. Malini Sathappan

Date: June-30, 2021

Time: 10 am

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