Dean’s Message

I wish to welcome you to the Faculty of Business, a diverse and multi-disciplinary school for business education. Curtin University Malaysia and the Faculty of Business are well-known for hands-on, experiential education and an entrepreneurial spirit.  You will find convenient classrooms, distributed learning labs and state of the art trading room.

We are an extended family on the oldest and largest international campus of one of Australia’s most progressive universities. As new students, you are important members of the Faculty community and we want to provide you with connections and opportunities that will enable you to excel in your studies and to be involved in a variety of campus activities. The faculty offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that will train you for a successful business careers. Our faculty members come from the best academic background that provides expertise and innovative ideas in their teaching and learning. They are committed to working with you as you progress through your study years in this campus. The Faculty of Business’s three main strategies are based on being student centric, research focus and job sharing.

Curtin University is becoming an internationally-engaged, research-intensive university that will continue to develop new opportunities for learning and engagement with businesses and communities. We urge you to take advantage of the vast opportunities to discover and release your full potential through commitment to study and involvement in campus activities and you will enjoy your time here. Your lives will be transformed during your time in Curtin.

I will encourage you to browse through our faculty of business website for additional information about our courses, staff, activities and students. Come and join the next generation of world class business executives in our faculty and we will help you to be a stand out of the crowd! We are proud of the high employability status for our students when they graduate from this Faculty.


Dr Stephen Sim

Acting Dean

Faculty Of Business

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