Dr. Malini A/P Sathappan

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (Human Resource Development)
Master of Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Science in Human Science Development (Hons)


Office No.

+60 85 630100 ext. 2704





Room No.

No. 26, Row 1


Employment History

Curtin University Malaysia (2019 until present), Lecturer.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College ( 2016 – 2019), Lecturer.

Saito College (2011 – 2013), Lecturer.

Legenda University College (2010 – 2011), HR Executive.

Sri Devika Enterprise Sdn Bhd (2005 – 2010), Admin Manager.

Minfoong S’pore Pte Ltd (2001 – 2005), Admin cum Accounts Manager.

Vaccumschmelze Sdn Bhd (1998 – 2001), HR Executive.


Unit Taught

  1. Business Sustainable Development
  2. Organizational Behaviour
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Strategic Compensation and Benefit
  5. Business Ethics


Research Interest

  1. HRM Practices
  2. Employees attitudes
  3. Work life balance
  4. Ethics at workplace



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  2. Sathappan, R and Sathappan, M. (2018). TESL student – teachers’ perspectives of practicum practices in a Malaysian teacher education institute. International Journal of research – Granthaalayah, 6(2).
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Conference Proceedings/Presentations

  1. International Conference of multidisciplinary science at University Teknologi Malaysia 2019. “Strategy to prevent Deviant Workplace Behaviour in Law enforcement Agency”.
  2. Proceeding paper at University Putra Malaysia December 2012. “An exploratory study on unethical behavior among law enforcement agency in Malaysia”.
  3. Proceeding paper at Universiti Putra Malaysia “Research and innovation seminar in Human Resource 2010”. Title of the research paper “Satisfaction on quality of childcare.






Updated on: 10 June 2021