Terms of Reference (ToR)

The Teaching and Learning Committee reports to the Dean, Faculty of Business with the following Terms of Reference:
1. To assist the Faculty to meet its quality and compliance obligations in relation to teaching and learning, and academic programs;
2. To provide strategic advice to Dean, Faculty of Business on academic policy and quality related matters of the University to ensure continuing high academic standards;
3. To provide advice regarding the development and implementation of teaching and learning related policies and procedures;
4. To provide advice regarding matters impacting on the student learning experience, including issues relating to student workload and transition to university;
5. To provide opportunities to support innovation and or improvements in teaching quality;
6. To promote quality assurance strategies for teaching and learning;
7. To promote and support opportunities in scholarship in teaching through mentoring sessions; workshops and pedagogical research;
8. To ensure continuous monitoring and review of the implementation and effectiveness of teaching and learning policies, procedures and practices, which may include audits and other evaluation activities conducted on a regular basis; AND
9. To oversee the implementation of academic policies as they relate to the Faculty.

Membership of the committee:
Associate Dean Teaching & Learning;
Academic staff representing the relevant department within the Faculty of Business;
At least a minimum of six elected academic staff;
Elected academic staff will serve for a period of one to two years;
Elected academic staff can choose not to continue after a period of one year; in which case nomination for new committee members will be open.

Frequency of meetings:
The Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee will meet at least six (6) times throughout the year.

A quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be four (4) members.