Research Publications

2021 Indexed Journal Publication


Faculty Members (Main Author) All Author(s) Research Title Journal Name
Tiong Ying Ying Tiong Y.Y., Sondoh Jr., S.L., Tanakinjal, G. & Igau, O.A.E. Cleaner Operations in Hotels: Recommendation for Post-Pandemic Green Recovery

Journal of Cleaner Production

Samuel Ogbeibu Ogbeibu S., Senadjki A., Emelifeonwu J., Gaskin J., Pereira V. Augmenting environmental sustainability through the exchange of green creative ideas – evidence from an emerging economy

Sustainable Production and Consumption

Samuel Ogbeibu Ogbeibu S., Pereira V., Emelifeonwu J., Gaskin J. Bolstering creativity willingness through digital task interdependence, disruptive and smart HRM technologies

Journal of Business Research


2020 Indexed Journal Publication


Faculty Members (Main Author) All Author(s) Research Title Journal Name
Samuel Ogbeibu Ogbeibu, Samuel; Emelifeonwu, Jude; Senadjki, Abdelhak; Gaskin, James; Kaivo-oja, Jari Technological turbulence and greening of team creativity, product innovation, and human resource management: Implications for sustainability Journal of Cleaner Production
Jong Ling Jong, Ling; Ho, Poh-Ling Family directors, independent directors, remuneration committee and executive remuneration in Malaysian listed family firms Asian Review of Accounting
Khin Than-Myint Yong, Su-Ting; Karjanto, Natanael; Gates, Peter; Chan, Tak-Yee Andy; Khin, Than-Myint Let us rethink how to teach mathematics using gaming principles International Journal of Mathematical Education In Science And Technology
Shamsul Kamariah Abdullah Hasan, Md Kamrul; Abdullah, Shamsul Kamariah; Islam, Faridul; Neela, Nayeema Maswood An Integrated Model for Examining Tourists’ Revisit Intention to Beach Tourism Destinations Journal of Quality Assurance In Hospitality & Tourism
Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo Adeyinka-Ojo, Samuel; Lee, Sean; Abdullah, Shamsul Kamariah; Teo, John Hospitality and tourism education in an emerging digital economy Worldwide Hospitality And Tourism Themes
Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi Olaniyi, Oladokun Nafiu; Szulczyk, Kenneth R. Estimating the economic damage and treatment cost of basal stem rot striking the Malaysian oil palms Forest Policy And Economics
Goi Chai Lee Dastane, Omkar; Goi, Chai Lee; Rabbanee, Fazlul A synthesis of constructs for modelling consumers ? perception of value from mobile -commerce (M-VAL) Journal of Retailing And Consumer Services
Ramez Abubakr Badeeb Badeeb R.A., Lean H.H., Shahbaz M. Are too many natural resources to blame for the shape of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in resource-based economies? Resources Policy
Yap Ching Seng Yap C.S., Ahmad R., Newaz F.T., Mason C. Continuous Use and Extended Use of E-Government Portals in Malaysia International Journal O]of Public Administration
Yap Ching Seng, Fidella, Alpha Yap C.S., Fidella Tiew, Alpha Ngadan, Poh Ling Ho Information needs and information seeking behaviour of rural dwellers in Sarawak, Malaysia Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Adamu Abbas Adamu Soedarsono D.K., Mohamad B., Adamu A.A., Pradita K.A. Managing digital marketing communication of coffee shop using instagram International Journal f Interactive Mobile Technologies
Joseph Sia Kee Ming Tan K.-L., Sia J.K.-M., Tang K.H.D. Examining students’ behavior towards campus security preparedness exercise: The role of perceived risk within the theory of planned behavior Current Psychology
Shamsul Kamariah Abdullah, Lew Tek-Yew Hasan, Md Kamrul; Abdullah, Shamsul Kamariah; Lew, T.Y.; Islam, Faridul Determining factors of tourists’ loyalty to beach destinations: A structural model Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing And Logistics
Rubaiyat Ahsan Bhuiyan Rubaiyat Ahsan Bhuiyan, Maya Puspa, Buerhan Saiti, Gairuzazmi Mat Ghani Comparative analysis between global sukuk and bond indices: value-at-risk approach Journal of Islamic Accounting And Business Research
Rubaiyat Ahsan Bhuiyan, Changyong Zhang Rubaiyat Ahsan Bhuiyan, Changyong Zhang, Afzol Hossain A Wavelet Approach for Causal Relationship between Bitcoin and Conventional Asset Classes Resources Policy
Goi Chai Lee Goi, Chai Lee The river water quality before and during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia Case Studies In Chemical And Environmental Engineering
Goi, Chai Lee; Chieng, Fayrene; Raziuddin Taufique, Khan Md. Sarah F.H., Goi C.L., Chieng F., Taufique K.M.R. Examining the Influence of Atmospheric Cues on Online Impulse Buying Behavior across Product Categories: Insights from an Emerging E-Market Journal of Internet Commerce
Goi, Chai Lee Aslam, Wajeeha; Goi, Chai Lee; Arif, Imtiaz Smartphone usage of university students and academic performance: An empirical analysis International Journal of Mobile Communications
Khin Than-Myint Dr Parveen Kaur, Prof. Dr Arif Jawaid, Dr Rosalia Saimon, Khin Than Myint, Dr Eshvin Raj Singh, Hassniza Bt Hassdee, Koey Xan Xan, Noor Fadzlina Bt Abidin, Noryati Binti Javier Asmad and Nur Nadia Aisyah Bt Samsudin Technological Evolution of Streetwalker in Malaysia Journal of Talent Development And Excellence (JTDE)
Changyong Zhang Kenneth R. Szulczyk and Changyong Zhang Switching-regime regression for modeling and predicting a stock market return Empirical Economics
Lew, Tek-Yew; Sim, Adriel KS Lew, Tek-Yew; Sim, Adriel KS; Tan, Kim Lim Effect of work engagement on meaningful work and psychological capital:  Perspectives from social workers in New Zealand Employee Relations
Samuel Ogbeibu Ogbeibu, S., Senadjki, A., & Gaskin, J. Organisational Cultures and the Evoked Effects of Leader Ability on Employee Creativity. American Journal of Business
Samuel Ogbeibu Ogbeibu, S., Senadjki, A., Emelifeonwu, J., Vohra, P. S. Inspiring Creativity in Diverse Organizational Cultures: An Expatriate Integrity Dilemma. Fiib Business Review (Sage Indexed).
Joseph Sia, Adamu Abbas Adamu Sia J.K.M., Adamu Abbas Adamu Facing the unknown: pandemic and higher education in Malaysia Asian Education And Development Studies
Joseph Sia Ng, P. Y. , Ho, P. L., Sia, J.K.M. Integrative model of behavioural intention: the influence of environmental concern and condition factors on food waste separation Management Of Environmental Quality
Joseph Sia Wong, L. J. Sia J.K.M., Ling, T.H.Y. Airline Passengers’ Perceived Sacrifice and Green Practices Adoption Behaviours Asian Journal Business Research
Khan Md Raziuddin Taufique Taufique, K.M.R Integrating environmental values and emotion in green marketing communications inducing sustainable consumer behaviour Journal of Marketing Communications
Khan Md Raziuddin Taufique Sarah, F. H., Goi, C. L., Chieng, F., & Taufique, K. M. R. Examining the influence of atmospheric cues on online impulse buying Behavior across product categories: Insights from an emerging e-market. Journal of Internet Commerce
Khan Md Raziuddin Taufique Taufique, K.M.R. & Islam, A.B.M.S. Green marketing in emerging Asia: Antecedents of green consumer behavior among Younger Millennials Journal of Asia Business Studies
Adamu Abbas Adamu Raza, S. H., Adamu, A. A., Ogadimma, E. C., & Hasnain, A. The Influences of Political Values Manifested in Advertisements on Political Participation: Moderating Roles of Self-transcendence and Conservation Journal of Creative Communications
Adamu Abbas Adamu Putri, K. Y. S., Adamu, A. A., Mukhtar, S., Safitri, D., Hafni, R. D., & Nur, D. The Impact of New Media Literacy and Supply Chain Knowledge Management on Community Economy in Indonesia International Journal of Supply Chain Management
Adamu Abbas Adamu Mohamad, B., Salisu, A. A., Adamu, A. A., & Raza, S. H. Assessing Corporate Community Involvement: An Empirical Examination Journal of Critical Reviews
Adriel Sim, Joseph Sia Sim, A, Tan, K.L., Sia, J.K.M., Hii, I. tudents’ choice of internal branch campus in Malaysia: a gender comparative study International Journal of Education Management
Joseph Sia Ho, J.M., Sia J.K.M. Embracing and uncertain future: COVID-19 and MICe in Malaysia Local Development And Society