Research & Development Services


The service areas work together to grasp potential R&D related opportunities, connecting the clusters, HDR students with the external stakeholders for quality research outputs.



1. International Collaboration

Leader: Dr Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi


R&D International Collaboration team works for exploring and enhancing international research collaboration in all possible areas under faculty of business. We aim to enable researchers to access additional expertise and gain new perspectives on research through building network with others in the field. We also look for possible international research collaboration with other relevant disciplines. We work in liaison the heads of research clusters to spot the possible research areas within each cluster for possible international collaboration. Overall, we are primarily responsible for facilitating and enhancing the research works and outputs of international quality which further exposes the university’s reputation in research.


2. Community Project

Leader: Josephine Ling Chen Yii


The purpose of this Community Projects service area is to facilitate, encourage and promote research activities in connection with community needs/issues through knowledge sharing and practical problem solving solutions.This service area will function as the bridge/platform/forum between the academic researchers, external organizations/institutional sponsors/stakeholders with the community at large.


3. Grant Opportunities

Leader: Dr Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi


The primary role of this team is to work with leaders of different research clusters by supporting them with the information of potential grant opportunities from different external sources. The team works in liaison with the cluster leaders to assess the feasibility of applying to different grants in line with the expertise and capabilities within and between clusters. The team also attempts to explore for possible collaboration with other disciplines to apply for joint research grant.


4. Training and Development

Leader: Dr. Rubaiyat Ahsan Bhuiyan


As a service lead for R&D Training and Development for the Faculty of Business, my goal is to help develop staff and HDR students’ research capabilities in order to engender and drive globally relevant and cutting-edge research initiatives. I seek to contribute by identifying Training and Development opportunities for the Faculty of Business Research Clusters, and consulting with research cluster heads, AD – R&D and supervisors for postgraduate degree research to identify research training needs. This agenda would be underpinned via coordinatied in-house and international research related workshops and sharing sessions to foster effective and efficient trainings for staff and HDR students accordingly. Moreover, to maintain a global outlook, there will be a need to continuously engage in identifying, disseminating, collaborating with and or directly support webinars offered by other professional institutions and universities to the faculty.


5. R&D Communication

Leader: Wendy Law


The purpose of this communication service area is to increase the visibility of research activities and faculty’s competencies to the internal and external community. Also, this area will function as the bridge for information exchange between Research and Development committee and the Marketing and Website committee as well as the Digital Marketing Project team. It serves as a newsfeed function where research outcomes from members and HDR students in Faculty of Business will be channelled to the Marketing and Website committee to be showcased and published in relevant formats by the University Corporate Communication Department.