Program Objectives and Program Outcomes

Foundation Studies Objective

Foundation program is dedicated to prepare students for undergraduate study in Commerce and Arts through quality learning and teaching. This program builds the fundamental skills and knowledge of students in business management, accounting, economics and finance. Click here for information on Foundation programs.

Foundation Studies Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this program can:

  1. understand and apply basic concepts and principles related to business settings
  2. analyse real world situations or issues to improve the existing business operations or settings
  3. access, evaluate and synthesise information from a range of sources to make business-related inferences or valid judgements
  4. express ideas and opinions and contribute positively towards discussion or team activity
  5. apply basic skills of Ms Office software packages and internet to conduct team project or research
  6. evaluate performance of self against recent developments in business sectors
  7. identify and analyse issues from a global perspective
  8. respect and value diversity and social justice
  9. establish and sustain collaborative teamwork relationship through group projects or case studies

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