About us

At foundation studies, we are committed to deliver quality teaching to enhance students’ learning experiences. We value academic excellence and lifelong learning by instill academic staff and students to academic workshops and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, we consistently seek feedback from stakeholders as a way to improve the program and to meet the quality assurance of accreditation bodies.

To-date, the program continues to challenge students to become active and diligent learners who can acquire, interpret, communicate and apply knowledge within and across disciplines. By incorporating innovative teaching strategies, the program provides unique learning experiences to students to meet the demand of the current complex and rapidly changing world.

Students who obtain satisfactory results are not only eligible for admission to a range of undergraduate programs offered at Curtin Malaysia, but also the undergraduate programs offered at the Curtin Perth Campus. As such, this program will provide a solid foundation for students to adapt to university education more confidently, both in terms of level and style of education.

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