Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi

Dr. Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi
PhD, MS, BSc
Senior Lecturer

Contact Details
Tel: +60 85 630100  Ext:2773
Location: Heron 2 Room 60
Fax: +60 85 630088
Email: nafiuo@curtin.edu.my

Academic History

  • PhD in Business Administration (major in Finance), IIUM, Malaysia (2015)
  • Master of Science (Finance), IIUM, Malaysia (2009)
  • HND (Business Administration & Management), Nigeria (2003)


Research Interest

  • My research interest include
    1. Financial innovation
    2. Stock market
    3. Islamic Finance
    4. Efficiency studies

Selected Research Funding & Research Projects

  1. Funder: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (2017)
    Title: A Dynamic Equilibrium Model to Mitigate Damage Costs from Biosecurity Risks: The Malaysian Agriculture Sector
    Amount: RM50,500
    Team members: Dr. Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi (PI), Dr. Kenneth R. Szulczyk, and Mr. Alpha Anak Ngadan
  2. Funder: Curtin University Malaysia (FOB Research Fund) (2017)
    Title: Financial literacy among the aborigines: An empirical study for the case of financial literacy in Sarawak
    Amount: RM6,500
    Team members: Dr. Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi (PI), Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee, Mr. Alpha Anak Ngadan

 Selected Publications

A. Book Chapter

  1. Oladokun, N. O., Etudaiye-Muhtar, O. F., & Etudaiye, M. A. (2020). Sustainable Energy Security for Nigeria Through Innovative Financing Mechanisms. In The Future of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (pp. 69-82). Springer, Cham. https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-21154-7
  2. Nafiu O., Echchabi A and Alfarisi M. A. (2012). Sukuk as an Alternative Avenue for Infrastructure Development and Job CreationEssential of Islamic Banking and Finance in Nigeria. In Dahiru, Omar (Eds), Essential of Islamic Banking and Finance in Nigeria. Benchmark Publishers Limited. 978-978-8130-33

B. Journal Publications

  1. Olaniyi, O. N., & Szulczyk, K. R. (2020). Estimating the economic damage and treatment cost of basal stem rot striking the Malaysian oil palms. Forest Policy and Economics, 116, 102163. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1389934119302503
  2. Oladokun, N. O., Abdullah, S. K., & Ayadurai, C. (2019). Determinants of off-balance sheet (OBS) activities: a case of selected retail banks in Malaysia. Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal, 14(1), 95-113. http://arionline.uitm.edu.my/ojs/index.php/APMAJ/article/view/878
  3. Adewale A.A., Yusuf J.A, Abdul Razak D., Kamil N.M. and Oladokun N.O. (2017). Determinant of Criminal Activities by Some Nigerians Residing in Malaysia: A Social-Economic Perspective. Forthcoming in Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology.
  4. Moussa Larbani Mustafa Omar Mohammed Nafiu Olaniyi Oladokun. (2015). The problems facing the agricultural sector in Nigeria and the prospect of Muzara’ah & supply chain model. Humanomics, Vol. 31 Iss 1 pp. http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/H-11-2012-0022
  5. Echchabi A. Nafiu O. N., and Ayedh A. M. (2015). Assessing the efficiency of Malaysian banks: A data envelopment analysis approach. Afro-Asian J. of Finance and Accounting, Vol.5(1)
  6. Echchabi A, NafiuOlaniyi O. (2012). Malaysia Consumers’ Preferences for Islamic Banking Attributes. International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 39 (11) (SCOPUS)
  7. Nafiu O., Echchabi A and Alfarisi M. A. (2012). Sukuk as an Alternative Avenue for Infrastructure Development and Job Creation. Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance, Vol. 29 (2).
  8. Echchabi A, NafiuOlaniyi O. (2012). Using Theory of Reasoned Action to Model the Patronization Behaviour of Islamic Banks’ Customers in Malaysia. Research Journal of Business Management, 6 (3): 70-82 (SCOPUS)

C. Conference Proceedings

  1. Moha A.A., Dzuljastri A.R. Muhammed M.O., and Oladokun O.N. (2015). Justice and Nature of Contract as Determinant of Abandoned Housing Projects. International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance 2015 (COCIAF 2015), 8-10 October, 2015, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  2. Olaniyi O.N.; Adeyemi A.A. and Omar M.A. (2013). What Drives Malaysian Banks’ Securitization Activities? Being a paper presented at the International conference on Information and Social Sciences (ISS), Nagoya, Japan between 24-26, September, 2013.
  3. Muhammad A.D., Oladokun N. and Fouad M. (2013). Zakat Distribution AmongAsnaf in Wilayah and Selangor: Analytical Hierachy Process (AHP).
  4. Larbani Moussa, Mustafa, O.M and OladokunNafiu. (2011). The Problems Facing the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria and the Prospects of Zakat-Muzara’ah& Supply Chain Model. International Zakat Conference on “Sustainable Zakat Development in the Poverty Alleviation and Improvement of Welfare of the Ummah” Bogor, Indonesia, July 19-21.
  5. Larbani M., Omar M, and Oladokun N. (2009). The Problems Facing the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria and the Prospect ofMuzra’ah-Supply Chain Model. Being a paper presented at the 2009 GABER International Conference held at the Grand Season Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Alumni International Conference 2008 Community Development: Challenges and Solutions 16th-18th January, 2008. Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HDRs Supervision

Professional Associations

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