Welcome from the Head

Dr. Ramez Abubakr Badeeb

Our program helps students sharpen and develop their analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. Thus, our students gain a competitive edge in the workforce as we educate the future leaders of the world. They are knowledgeable, driven, and ready for industry. After graduating, students can jump start their careers as bankers, financial analysts, stock traders, managers, financial planners, or any other profession that uses finance heavily.

The department’s success builds upon its faculty. Our faculty continually cultivates and expands their knowledge, experience, and skills, maintaining their expertise in their fields. The department has eight faculty members who actively conduct research with some publishing in leading journals in economics and finance. Furthermore, our faculty brings the current technology into the classroom as they design courses using modern learning theories.

Students can major in finance and earn a three-year Bachelor of Commerce degree, or they can expand their expertise and earn a double major in banking finance, finance marketing, or finance management.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information if you have any questions on our courses, degree requirements, or faculty expertise. Again, we welcome you to Curtin University Malaysia as you pursue your degree at Curtin. For current students, study well and enjoy our programs as we enjoy designing, delivering, and educating you.

Dr. Ramez A. Badeeb

Head of Department, Finance and Banking

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