About us

Welcome to the Department of Accounting!

The Department of Accounting is the biggest department in the Faculty of Business, Curtin Malaysia. It offers both single and double major options for students desiring to embark on an accounting or related career pathway.

In a complex global economy, talented, ethical and committed accounting professionals are greatly valued. Hence, impeccable knowledge, skills and commitment becomes the primary requirement that talent hunters look for when recruiting for accounting professionals. Hence an accounting curriculum which is able to build such students’ become highly sought after.

Curtin Accounting programs are designed cognisant of the demand from the industry coupled with the substantial regulatory and compliance changes in accounting standards itself. It is the single one profession which seems to steadily be in demand for years in the past and many to come.

Young accountants today are anything but typical, they are spreading their wings wide and far heading for the unknown realms of overseas market for international experience. It is no longer about having a job but a life style which comes with it. Curtin accounting qualification is able to provide them with such possibilities. Our program not only concentrates on the core knowledge but is desgined to build a better you. It seeks to build your character, communication and other skills required to face future employment challenges that may come your way.

We boast of a team of staff dedicated in developing our students through their commitment in achieving excellence in teaching and learning; and research activities. Our strive for excellence is harnessed by the fact we are building the future of our nation.

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