The Faculty Team

We believe our strength lies in our people, and we continually stress on teaching, learning, teamwork and professionalism among our team in order to cultivate a work ethic that is in line with providing our students with the best possible service, quality and trustworthiness.


Faculty members of the Learning & Teaching Committee for 2023

Advisor/Mentor: Dr Shamsul Kamariah Bt Abdullah

Committee Members:

Prof. Pauline Ho (Dean)

Dr. Fayrene Chieng Yew Leh (Associate Dean of L&T)

Dr. Jong Ling

Dr. Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee

Dr. Lynn,  Ling Yew Hua 

Dr. Joseph Sia

Dr. Osaro Aigbogun

Dr. Ho Jie Min

Mdm Khin Than Myint

Mr Alpha Anak Ngadan

Miss Wendy Li Ling Law