List of HDR Graduates

Doctor of Philosophy

No. Name of Graduate Year Awarded Research Title Thesis Committee
1. Dr. Shamsul Kamariah Abdullah 2013 “More Spices in My Thinking Skills” Exploring Confucius Heritage Culture Learners’ Learning Behaviour in Marketing Units (A Case Study)
  • Professor Joan Gribble (Main Supervisor)
2. Dr. Ng Keng Lee 2017 Internationalisation Strategies of Firms: An Empirical Study of EU Companies’ Expansion into China’s Environmental Protection Sector
3. Dr. Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Tavassoli 2017 The Nexus between Productivity and Economic Factors: The Case of the Australian Mining Industry
4. Dr. Syed Muhammod Ali Reza 2018 Translation of Western Moral in a Developing Country: Do Multinational Corporations’ Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Contribute to the Sustainability in Developing Countries?
5. Dr. Hadysyam Junaidi 2018 Transition towards Accrual Accounting and Disclosure Requirements in the Malaysian Public Sector
6. Dr. Jong Ling 2018 Executive Remuneration of Listed Family Companies in Malaysia
7. Dr. Mohamed Shamil Mohamed Mihilar 2018 The Influence of Board Characteristics on Sustainability Reporting: Empirical Evidence from Sri Lankan Firms
8. Dr. Johnny Chamata 2019 Developing a Behavioural Model for Predicting Public Attitudes towards the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems
9. Dr. Allen Lim Chong Guan 2019 Generation Y’s Usage of Small Businesses’ Retail Websites in Canada
10. Dr. Tan Kim Lim 2019 Effects of Psychological Capital on the Relationship between Meaningful Work, Job Burnout and Employee Engagement of Social Workers in Singapore
11. Dr. Yee Hun Leek 2019 Predicting Financial Distress among Public Listed Companies in Malaysia Using Altman’s Z-Scores Model
12. Dr. Md Kamrul Hasan 2019 Tourists’ Revisit Intention to Beach Destinations in Bangladesh
13. Dr. Perumal Ponnusamy 2020 Collaborative Framework Arrangement for Agile/Leagile Procurement and Supply of Humanitarian Food Aid: A Case Study of Malaysia
14. Dr. Ivy Hii Siaw Hung 2020 Determinants of Risky Assets Investment: An Extended Information-Motivation-Behavioural Skills Model
15. Dr. Mathew Alappatt 2020 Impact of Adoption of International Accounting Standards and Financial Crisis on Accounting Quality of Australian Listed Companies
16. Dr. Ho Jie Min 2021 The Determinants of Convention Participants’ Intention to Revisit the Hosting Destination
17. Dr. Omkar Dastane 2021 Perceived Value of Mobile Commerce (M-VAL) – Conceptualisation, Scale Development and Validation
18. Daria Gom 2022 Transformational Leadership as Antecedent of Cross-cultural Psychological Capital in the Sabah Hotel Industry


Master of Philosophy

No. Name of Graduate Year Awarded Research Title Thesis Committee
1. Michelle Phua Siew Huei 2017 Corporate Environmental Disclosures in Malaysian Public Listed Companies
2. Md Zakir Hossain 2017 Impending Effects of Base III in the BRICS Economies
3. Jong Cherng Yee 2018 The influence of Total Quality Management on Project Performance: The case of Construction Organizations in Malaysia
4. Akram Akbari 2018 The Commercialization of Traditional Subsistence Hunting Activities in Bario, the Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak, Malaysia
5. Do Thi Hoang Mai 2018 The Impact of Relevant News and Empathy in Print Advertising on Students’ Enrollment in Private Universities in Vietnam
6. Ho Jie Min 2018 The Corporate Social Responsibility Practice of Environmental Sensitive Companies and Its Impacts on Corporate Financial Performance
7. V. Srimeenakshi Kumar 2018 The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance of Financial Institutions in Malaysia
8. Yaa Serwaa-Akoto Amoah 2019 Internationalisation Strategies of Emerging Market Firms: The Case of Sarawak
9. Jennifer Chong Lai Yee 2019 Board Diversity and Environmental Disclosure Practices of Malaysian Public Listed Companies
10. Wu Xiao Qian 2019 Determinants and Consequences of the Use of Digital Finance Platform for Personal Financial Management in Rural China
11. Suo Wen Jing 2019 Factors Influencing Behavioural Intention to Adopt the QR-Code Mobile Payment
12. Bilal Aslam 2019 Weak Euler Scheme for Stochastic Differential Equations with Applications in Finance
13. Rudrendu Ray 2019 Micro and Small Enterprises Involvement in Pro-poor Tourism: Evidence from Bangladesh
14. Athena Chong Wei Chee 2020 Socio-Cultural Impact of Festivals on Local Residents’ Quality of Life: Sarawak Perspective
15. Farah Hasan Sarah 2020 The Influence of Atmospheric Cues on Online Impulse Buying across Product Categories: The Mediating Role of Consumer Impulsiveness
16. Ting Qian Hui 2021 The Role of Psychological Capital and Employee Engagement in Determining Organisational Citizenship Behaviour in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era: Transfer of Training as a Mediator
17. Quistina Omar 2021 Factors Influencing Behavioural Intention to Adopt e-AgriFinance among the Farmers in Sarawak
18. Christine Mening Ngau 2021 Digital Financial Services Acceptance Among Low-Income Households in Miri, Sarawak: The Role of Cultural Dimensions
19. Lim Nyet Kah 2021 The Effect of System Quality Attributes on the Intention to Use E-AgriFinance: Perspective of Agricultural Suppliers in Sarawak
20. Zhou Die 2021 Optimization of Recruitment Process for AI Smart Home Startups in China
21. Janet Lee Von 2021 Informal Entrepreneurship and Transition into Formal Entrepreneurship: The Case of Sarawak

Updated on: 30 November 2022