Professor for a Day with Associate Professor Dr. Hiram Ting

‘Professor for a Day’ at Curtin University Malaysia is a new and attractive engagement platform developed by Professor Andreas Zins, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Dr. Tiong Ying Ying, Associate Dean of Research & Development, Faculty of Business.


This initiative was developed with the purpose of bringing successful alumni, business leaders, government and industry representatives as well as academic members of other higher education and research institutions to our Curtin University campus to interact with: (1) Senior management team; (2) Faculty members; (3) Students; (4) Own alumni; and (5) Other external stakeholders. The format and structure are as follows:

The first series began with Associate Professor Dr. Hiram Ting, co-founder of the Sarawak Research Society and Associate Professor at UCSI Kuching, and was divided into four sessions. Dr. Hiram met with the FOB Dean and researchers immediately following the MOU signing ceremony between the Sarawak Research Society and Curtin University Malaysia for the first time to officially present the Society and strategize for future research collaboration.


The second session focused on the publications and research opportunities offered to HDR students through the Sarawak Research Society. This rather casual sharing session gathered 17 HDR students, several of whom had offered positive feedback on the learning outcomes. Due to concurrent events on the same day, the following sessions were scheduled for the next day. The DPVC (Associate Prof Vincent Lee), FOB (Prof Andreas Zins) and FOES Dean (Prof Thuy), FOB Associate Dean (AD) R&D (Dr. Tiong Ying Ying), FOB Research Cluster Heads (Dr. Adamu Abbas Adamu, Dr. Rubaiyat Ahsan Bhuiyan), FOB HODs (Dr. Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo and Dr. Ramez Badeeb), and department representative (Dr. Ola) attended the meeting. The visit was ended with the certificate presentation to Assoc. Prof Hiram Ting.



While the visit of a colleague from another academic institution could be considered as ‘business as usual’, the next plans for this kind of dialogue sessions will bring more uncommon personalities on to the stage: Malaysian Artist and Curtin Alumnis who are currently holding high positions.