Business Internship

Want to gain real-world experience before you graduate?
Undertake a business internship.

The major activity in MKTG3009 Business Internship is for students to spend a minimum of 100 hours, working with an employer on a business related project. Students are encouraged to undertaken three months’ work experience. The work experience may be undertaken during the semester, during the break prior to the semester in which the student is enrolled in the unit or by a combination of the two.

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To be eligible to undertake MKTG3009 Business Internship, you must:

  • Have completed at least 300 credits
  • Be on ‘Good Standing’ with a minimum CWA of 60
  • Be on a good conduct (i.e., no record of academic and/or non-academic misconduct)

Please ensure:

  • Placement is confirmed for at least 100 hours (preferable 3 months) on a business related project / tasks related to your major/specialization
  • The internship host organization is not (a) a micro organization (employer with less than 10 employees) and (b) owned by your parents or other member of the immediate family.
  • Letter from employer

Must be on the company letter head and include a confirmation of student start and finish dates, position description, duties and tasks and supervisor’s name and contact details.

You are required to join pre-internship workshops to get yourself placement ready, and feeling confident about your next steps. For details please contact WIL team @

Once you have all the documents ready, please submit an application form to Download the application form.

You must have your placement approved BEFORE you start your internship. Assessment of your placement can take between 10 – 14 business days.

There are assessments related to the unit, the timelines and due dates will depend upon the study period you are enrolled into.