Research Methods Workshops

All Higher Degree Research (HDR) students are required to attend a series of Research Methods Workshops in their first year of study. These workshops are conducted by the academics of the Faculty of Business or experts in the relevant fields external to Curtin Malaysia. The Workshops are divided into two types to meet the needs of HDR students at pre-candidacy and post-candidacy stage as follows:

Pre-candidacy Workshops

  1. Introduction to Research – discuss research philosophy, deductive and inductive reasoning, research ethics, the role of literature in the empirical research cycle, literature search & review, presenting a main argument, conceptualising research, and the main qualitative and quantitative research strategies.
  2. Research Design – introduce (i) the primary data and secondary data and triangulation, on which to base and confirm their research and findings; (ii) data collection strategies, sampling techniques, instrument development, operationalisation and measurement.

Post-candidacy Workshops

  1. Quantitative Data Analysis – introduce basic statistical concepts and advanced-level techniques of multivariate data analysis and econometric analysis, such as linear regression and non-linear regression models, structural equation modeling, panel data analysis, etc.
  2. Qualitative Data Analysis – introduce the characteristics of and approaches to designing, conducting, and analysing qualitative research.