Postgraduate Scholarships

Title: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Malaysian Agriculture Sector

Using fossil fuels such as diesel, petrol, coal, and methane create greenhouse gases that trap more of the sun’s energy in the atmosphere and gradually warm the planet. A research team at Curtin University received a grant to study how much greenhouse gases the Malaysian agriculture and plantation sectors can re-cycle by using biodiesel, ethanol, bio-electricity, and bio-methane. The team will build a mathematical model of the Malaysian agriculture and plantation sectors and study the impact of government policies on greenhouse gas mitigation.
Malaysia citizen with a relevant degree with CGPA 3.0 and above.
Can work independently and possesses an excellent command of English.
Good knowledge of mathematics and the ability to learn GAMS programming.
The Scholarship includes a stipend for two years.
Interested candidate please send a copy of CV and cover letter to:

Dr Kenneth R. Szulczyk
Faculty of Business
Curtin University, Malaysia
Tel: +60 85 443824

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