Associate Dean’s Welcome Message

Aiming to Curtin Vision 2030, “A recognised international leader in research and education” and align with CBS Mission, Faculty of Business focuses on quality research that addresses innovative solutions to real world complexities. Specifically, we:
1. Develop research collaborations in strategic areas to improve the quality of our research and research outcomes;
2. Strive to improve our performance through publication in internationally recognised journals, in competitive grants and in contract research; and
3. Attract research students with excellent potential into areas of research focus and provide them with effective support and supervision.

We have rich research clusters that reflect the mission of CBS. The clusters are contextualised according to the depth and expertise of academic staff, and more specifically to the demography, economic condition, life of the people in Sarawak, Malaysia. These clusters are imperative to enrich our knowledge and most importantly to the future social and economic development of the communities within this region. The clusters are:
1. Entrepreneurship and organisational performance
2. Corporate Governance
3. Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Dynamics
4. Marketing and Tourism
5. Business Information Systems and Operations Research

To expand and enrich the research endeavours, FoB has a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) programme at Master’s and Doctoral level. HDR programme generally does not follow a structure of lectures, tutorials, assessment items and examinations. Instead, HDR students build a close association with their supervisor and the key part of a research degree is writing a thesis under the guidance of the supervisor and other members of the thesis committee. The modern facilities at Curtin Sarawak will enable every aspirant students to carry out their research activities and enrich their career.


Dr. Ying Ying Tiong

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