Associate Dean’s Welcoming Message

img-20160525-wa0019Dear Colleagues and Students,

It is with enthusiasm that I greet you all in this academic year. The success of the Academic Awareness day indicates that “fresh” students both in Foundation and Degree programs are ready to embrace the rigours and discipline of academia. I am sure that our world-class lecturers in the Faculty of Business will give their utmost best to ensure that the teaching and learning experiences of all students will be something to remember. I personally in striving to achieve excellence in teaching and learning pedagogy, will be trying a new strategy that involves the social media specifically WhatsApp. It is my belief that social media is an important tool in this present dispensation that will help reduce power distance syndrome associated with Asian students and facilitate more interactions between the lecturer and students and vice versa and among students. This tool will further enable Business students tap into the synergy of energy that a diverse student body and personnel in Curtin University presents.  This rich platform in the Faculty of Business has enabled Curtin University exhibit values such as integrity, excellence, courage, respect and impact. It is the display of these values in our teaching and learning culture that has enabled the Faculty of Business among other things achieve the AACSB accreditation and made Curtin University a growing global brand ready to compete not only in Malaysia but around the world.

So once again, welcome to Faculty of Business, Teaching and Learning and remember “the day you stop learning, is the day you start dying” –  Albert Einstein


Dr Jude Emelifeonwu
Associate Dean
Teaching and Learning
Faculty of Business

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