Workshops and Seminars

The upcoming workshops and seminars for staff members are as follows:-

NO Events Date Venue Speaker
1 FOB induction Programme Semester 1 2019 28 February 2019 FOB Meeting Room  Dr Lew Tek Yew


2 Academic Integrity and Referencing workshop (Degree) 22 March 2019


LT201 Dr Fayrene, Dr Jong Ling, Tan Kim Lim, Dr Lew Tek Yew
3 Academic Integrity and Referencing workshop(Foundation) 26 April 2019


SK3104 Tan Sin Sieng, Kathy Phang, Lew Tek Yew, Delon Chai, Tan Kim Lim


4 Outcome Based Education Workshop 12 April 2019 LTCL8 Prof Beena Giridharan
5 What is Love Workshop 5 April 2019 LTBS LT11 Dr Adeline Wong
6 Talk on The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What does it mean for University students and lecturers? 18 April 2019 FOB Meeting Room Dr Yuningsih (Curtin Perth)


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