Our Charter of Excellence

Faculty of Business T&L Charter of Excellence

As the teaching faculty of Business and Humanities, we endeavor to

  • Reflect excellence and innovative teaching practices.
  • Provide a conducive learning environment through collaborative and supportive endeavors to maximize graduate outcomes.
  • Maintain a culture of collegiality while embracing an environment of openness, trust, teamwork and diversity.
  • Encourage, enhance and support research collaborations and partnerships between the faculty and the community for maximum mutual benefits.


Teaching practices:

  • Student eValuate satisfaction rate of 85%.
  • Exhibit scholarships in teaching such as teaching excellence awards, scholarly research on T&L and recognition of excellent teaching.

To our Students:

  • Provide timely and constructive feedback within two working days for general inquiries and two weeks for assignments and assessments.
  • Implement pedagogy which encourages student centered learning.
  • Equip students with Curtin’s Graduate Attributes through assurance of learning process in each unit.

Among our Colleagues:

  • Maintain good interpersonal relationships with colleagues.
  • Work cohesively and collaboratively to deliver T&L outcomes.

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