Programme Objective and Learning Outcomes

 Bachelor of Business Administration Course Objective

This course provides students with an understanding of the key areas of business administration. The program aims to prepare you for management roles in the private and public sectors, as well as the global environment. In this course you will have special opportunities for developing industry experience through exciting projects


Bachelor of Business Administration Course Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

  1. Apply broad discipline knowledge to a range of theoretical and practical business situations through research and practical application
  2. Think creatively and critically to generate innovative solutions to complex business and commercial problems
  3. Access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information from a range of organisational and external sources
  4. Communication appropriately and effectively in professional and public contexts
  5. Apply technologies appropriately for a variety of commercial purposes
  6. Demonstrate initiative, responsibility and lifelong learning skills by applying critical reflection and active participation
  7. Describe global and cultural issues as related to the business area and their impact on local and international communities
  8. Demonstrate respect for human rights, cultural diversity and the particular rights of Indigenous Australians and highlight the importance and impact of cultural diversity on the interactions of commercial agents
  9. Show leadership, and employ ethical practice and professional integrity when working within a team and independently


Course Structure for

Bachelor of Business Administration



Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management and Management) Course Objective

The course provides students with a foundation of knowledge, insights and abilities required of managers in a wide range of sectors, industries, and functions. The major will help you prepare for working as a manager in small businesses, as well as in medium and larger local and multinational enterprises. It will also prepare you for work in non-profit organisations and the public sector.


Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management Major)  Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension on fundamental principles of a field study, acquired from advanced textbooks
  2. Use the knowledge and comprehension through methods that indicate professionalism in employment
  3. Argue and solve problems in their field of study
  4. Show techniques and capabilities to search and use date to make decision having considered social, scientific and relevant ethical issues
  5. Communicate effectively and convey information, ideas, problems and solutions to experts and non-experts
  6. Apply team and interpersonal skills which are suitable to employment
  7. Possess independent study skills to continue further study with a high degree of autonomy


Bachelor of Commerce (Management Major) Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

  1. Select and apply theories, concepts and techniques to describe, understand, analyse and evaluate management issues and problems
  2. Think critically and creatively to generate solutions to management problems and apply logical and rational processes to make decisions
  3. Access, evaluate and synthesise information from multiple sources to make valid and supported judgments about management issues
  4. Communicate in ways appropriate to the management discipline for various audiences and contexts
  5. Use and apply technologies, recognizing their advantages and limitations when applied to management
  6. Take responsibility for their own learning by demonstrating initiative in finding new information and actively participating in varied learning experiences
  7. Think globally and consider management issues from a variety of perspectives
  8. Actively support the value of cultural diversity in improving business and professional practice
  9. Demonstrate leadership, ethical practice and professional integrity when working within a team and independently.


Course Structure for 

Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management and Management)





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