Dr. Osaro Aigbogun

Discipline Lead (Management & HRM)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Management

Industry Specialist Professional (ISP) – Public Health Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)


Office No.

+60 85 630100 ext. 2757


Room No.

No. 41, Row 3





Employment History

Senior Lecturer and Discipline Lead (Management and HRM): Department of Management, Marketing and Digital Business, Faculty of Business, Curtin University Malaysia (July 2022 – Present)

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader (MBA and DBA): Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia (October 2018 – July 2022)

Research Scientist: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia (January 2018 – July 2018)

Graduate Assistant: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia (December 2013 – December 2017)

Superintendent/Manager: All Round Health Ltd Lagos Nigeria (May 2012 – November 2013)

Medical Representative: SKG-Pharma Ltd. Lagos Nigeria (March 2010 – September 2010) 

Pharmacist officer and Preceptor for College of Health Technology (NYSC): General Hospital, Dass Local Government Bauchi Nigeria (March 2009 – March 2010)

Internee Clinical Pharmacist: University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Nigeria (March 2008 – March 2009)

Clinical Pharmacist (Volunteer): Prohealth International, Health and Mission International, Mercy Foundation, Eggon Medical Forum   (Jan 2007 – Jan 2008)


Research and Development – Competitive Research Grants 

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS); Sept. 2019- Sept. 2022

Project title: Developing a Model to Enhance Aquaculture Sustainability in Malaysia

Awarding Body: Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

Grant award: RM 72, 800

Role: Principal Investigator


Units Taught 

  1. Human Resource Development (MGMT 2009)
  2. Strategic Rewards and Performance Management (MGMT 3014)
  3. International Business Strategy Research (IBUS 6000)
  4. Business Research Methods (MKTG 5004)

Research Interests 

Green human resource management; Change management; Crisis management; Business continuity; Strategic management; Global supply chain management; Pharmaceutical supply chain resilience; logistics management; Operations management


Research Publications 


Academic Journal Articles

  • Aluh, D. Aigbogun, O., & Anyachebelu, O. (2022). Depression among an Immigrant Black Population of African Origin resident in Canada. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Forthcoming
  • Alowi, M., Aigbogun, O.,Kanic, Y., & Sambasivan, M. (2022). Attitude towards Pharmaceutical Promotional tools and its influence on Physician’s prescribing behaviour in Sudan. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing. Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. Emerald Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJPHM-03-2021-0036
  • Fehan, H., &Aigbogun, O. (2022). Impact of External Environmental Factors on Construction Firms’ Performance, Mediated by Institutional Pressures. Civil Engineering Journal, 8(5), 967-984, http://dx.doi.org/10.28991/CEJ-2022-08-05-09
  • Abdullahi, M.S., Adeiza, A., Abdel Fattah, F.A.M., Fatma, M., Fawehinmi, O., & Aigbogun, O.(2022). Talent Management Practices on Employee Performance: A Mediating Role of Employee Engagement in Institution of Higher Learning: Quantitative Analysis. Industrial and Commercial Training. Emerald Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1108/ICT-10-2021-0075
  • Adeiza, A., Abdullahi, M.S., Abdel Fattah, F.A.M., Fawehinmi, O., Ismail, N.A., Arnaut, M., Aigbogun, O.,Adam, I.S., & Ehido, A. (2022). Mediating mechanism of customer satisfaction on customer relationship management implementation and customer loyalty among consolidated banks. Uncertain Supply Chain Management 10 (3) 819–832. https://doi.org/10.5267/j.uscm.2022.3.012
  • Aigbogun, O.,Xing, M., Fawehinmi, O., Ibeabuchi, C., Ehido, A., Ahmad, R., & Abdullahi, M. (2022). A supply chain resilience model for business continuity: The way forward for highly regulated industries. Uncertain Supply Chain Management, 10(1), 1-12. https://doi: 10.5267/j.uscm.2021.11.001
  • Fehan, H., & Aigbogun, O.(2021). Influence of Internal Organizational Factors and Institutional Pressures on Construction Firms’ Performance. Construction Economics and Building, 21(2). https://doi.org/10.5130/AJCEB.v21i2.7593
  • Fehan, H., & Aigbogun, O.(2020). Analysis of the Factors affecting the Performance of Syrian Construction Companies, Moderated by Institutional Pressures. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. 11(3), 243 – 258
  • Ghazali, Z., & Aigbogun, O.(2019). Information Source and Media Channel Preference of Malaysian Consumers: A Perception study on Lead-based Household Paints Hazards. Platform: A Journal of Management and Humanities, 1 (1), 47-55
  • Aigbogun, O.,Ghazali, Z., & Razali, R. (2017). The Impact of Regulatory Function on Supply Chain Resilience: Reliability of Measurement Scales. Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal, 9(1s), 524-531
  • Aigbogun, O.,Ghazali, Z., & Razali, R. (2016). The Mediating Impact of Halal Logistics on Supply Chain Resilience: An Agency Perspective, International Review of Management and Marketing, 6(S4), 209-216
  • Aigbogun, O.,Ghazali, Z., & Razali, R. (2015). Resilience Attributes of Halal Logistics on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal, 7(3), 34-43
  • Aigbogun, O.,Ghazali, Z., & Razali, R. (2014). A Framework to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience: The case of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry. Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal, 6(3), 219-229


Conference Proceedings 

  • Fawehinmi, O., Ahmad, R.B., Ibeabuchi, C., Ehido, A., Aigbogun, O., Abdullahi, M.S. (2022). Exploring the Predictors of Employee Green Behaviour among Academics in Malaysia. International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Istanbul, Turkey, March 7-10, 2022
  • Aigbogun, O.,Ghazali, Z., & Razali, R. (2018). Supply chain resilience and measurement dimensions: The case of halal pharmaceuticals in Malaysia. SHS Web of Conference, (Vol. 56, p. 05001). EDP Sciences.  https://doi.org/10.1051/shsconf/20185605001
  • Aigbogun, O.,Ghazali, Z., & Razali, R. (2018). Collaborative Regulation and Supply Chain Resilience: A Conceptual Paper. SHS Web of Conference, (Vol. 56, p. 05002). EDP Sciences. https://doi.org/10.1051/shsconf/20185605002 


Book Chapters 

  • Aigbogun, O., Uwakina, J., & Aigbogun, O. (2021). Acculturation and Acculturative Stress among Immigrant Population: A Critical Review in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In S. Mortet (Ed.), Migration and Development: Experiences and Strategies (pp. 40-49). GMFAMI editions
  • Aigbogun, O.(2022). An Exploration of Resilience in Medical Gloves Supply Chain during COVID-19 Pandemic. In Khan, O., Huth, M., Zsidisin, G.A., & Henke, M. (Eds). Springer Series in Supply Chain Management. Springer Nature. www.springer.com/series/13081, forthcoming
  • Aigbogun, O., Ghazali, Z., Xing, M., Fawehinmi, O., & Abdullahi, M.S., (2022). Exploring consumer awareness of health and environmental implications of lead toxicity in household paints. Lecture Notes in Network and Systems. Springer Nature, forthcoming
  • Fehan, H., & Aigbogun, O. (2022). The Effect of Environmental Factors and Institutional Pressures on Construction Firms’ Performance: A Proposed Model. Lecture Notes in Network and Systems. Springer Nature, forthcoming
  • Aigbogun, O. & Mahiya, A. (2023). Perceived Individual Creativity and Entrepreneurial Intention towards Creative Entrepreneurship: Empirical Insights from Young People in a Weak Economy.In Hill, I, Jones, P, Dobson, S., Elias, S (Eds). Creative (and cultural) entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Emerald Publishing, forthcoming
  • Lei, J., Hock, O.Y., &Aigbogun, O. (2023). Exploration of Entrepreneurship Education and Innovative Talent Training Model: New Normal Perspective. In Hill, I, Jones, P, Dobson, S., Elias, S (Eds). Creative (and cultural) entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Emerald Publishing, forthcoming


Newspaper Publications

  • Aigbogun, O.(2020). You either swim or sink in COVID-19, Published in Punch Newspapers on 13th May, 2020. Available at: https://punchng.com/you-either-swim-or-sink-in-covid-19
  • Aigbogun, O.(2020). Now the enemy (COVID-19) has come to stay, what next? Published in Punch Newspapers on 27th May, 2020. Available at: https://punchng.com/now-the-enemy-has-come-to-stay-what-next
  • Aigbogun, O.(2020). Edo elections: Lessons for business managers. Published in Punch Newspapers on 22nd September. Available at: https://punchng.com/edo-election-lessons-for-business-managers 


Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Student  

Fehan Hassan. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Thesis title: The Influence of Environmental Factors on Construction Firm Performance: Mediated by Institutional Pressures
  • Role: Thesis supervisor, Status: Completed 

Keith Nkomo. Doctor of Business Administration

  • Thesis title: Sustainable Health Financing Strategies to Reduce Catastrophic and Impoverishing Spending on Health in Zimbabwe
  • Role: Thesis supervisor, Status: Completed

Matthews Matinary. Doctor of Business Administration

  • Thesis title: Factors affecting E-Marketing Adoption and Use Continuance in COVID-19 Context: Empirical Evidence of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Role: Thesis supervisor, Status: Completed

Innocent Mugwisi. Doctor of Business Administration

  • Thesis title: The Impact of Cartels on the Oil and Gas industry of Zimbabwe
  • Role: Thesis supervisor, Status: Completed

Tay Yow Hong. Doctor of Business Administration

  • Thesis title: Leadership Styles and Business Performance: A Study of Service-Based SME’s in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic in Klang Valley, Malaysia
  • Role: Thesis supervisor, Status: Completed 

Cheah Wai Kuan Alice. Doctor of Business Administration

  • Thesis title: Exploring Attitude-Behaviour Inconsistencies in Organic Food Consumption
  • Role: Thesis supervisor, Status: Completed


Professional Affiliations/ Professional Certifications/ Professional Membership Certifications

Institute of Management Consultants (Fellow)

Institute of Management Consultants (Certified Management Consultant)

London Graduate School (Certified Management Specialist)

British Academy of Management (member)

Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (member)

Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (registered pharmacist)

International Association of Public Health Logisticians (member)

The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (member)

International Management Research and Tech Consortium (member) 


Other Academic Roles (Editorial Board/ Reviewer Academic Journals)

Editorial Board

Science Journal of Business and Management

Science Proceedings Series


Guest Editor

Journal of Finance, Business and Management Studies


Reviewer of Academic Journals

Continuity & Resilience Review

Environmental Engineering Research

Environmental Research

Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine

City University Research Journal

Modern Economy

Global Journal of Management and Business

Asian Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences

International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review


Scientific Committee

Migration and Development, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Algeria, in collaboration with GMFAMI (University of Relizane)


Invited Talks

Pharma Supply Chain Response during COVID-19, FPConnect Conference by Informa PLC. UK, March 2021

Resilience & Business Continuity, Guangxi University of Finance & Economics, China, April 2020

Development of Professions, Skills & Human Resources, University of Mascara, Algeria, May 2012

Trends in Management of Insomnia, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria Edo state, Dec. 2007 


Leadership and Service – Faculty Membership Committee

Convener, International Conference on Powering Supply Chain Networks beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons and Way Forward (ICPRS 2021)

Member, Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee

Updated on: 31 August 2022