Dr. Adriel Sim Khoon Seng

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (Human Resource Development) 2013
University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
Master of Business Administration 2007
Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching 2004
Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Bachelor of Science (Production and Operations Management) 1999
Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota, U.S.A.


Office No.

+60 85 630100 ext. 2765



Room No.

No. 50, Row 4


Employment History

  1. Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, Faculty of Business, Curtin Malaysia (2014 – present)
  2. Head of Department, Department of Marketing & Management, School of Business, Curtin Malaysia (2014-2015)
  3. Lecturer, Department of Marketing & Management, School of Business, Curtin Malaysia (2008 – 2013)
  4. Acting Head of Department, Foundation Commerce & Arts, Curtin Malaysia (2007)
  5. Associate Lecturer, Business Management, Foundation Commerce & Arts, Curtin Malaysia (2003 – 2007)
  6. Lecturer, NCC Diploma, Micronet International College, Brunei Darussalam (2000 – 2002)


Unit Taught

  1. Managing Change, Fundamentals of Management (Semester 1, 2017)
  2. Managing Operations, Managing Change, Fundamentals of Management (Semester 1 & 2, 2016)


Research Interests

  1. Human resource development
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Psychological capital
  4. Project management
  5. Teaching pedagogy in higher education



Journal Articles

  1. Sim, A.K.S., Tan, K.L., Sia, J.K.M. & Hii, I.S.H. (2020). Students’ choice of international branch campus in Malaysia: A gender comparative study. International Journal of Educational Management, 35(1), 87-107.
  2. Tan, K.-L., Lew, T.Y. & Sim, A.K.S. (2020). Effect of work engagement on meaningful work and psychological capital: perspectives from social workers in New Zealand. Employee Relations, 43(3), 807-826. https://doi.org/10.1108/ER-11-2019-0433
  3. Tan, K.-L., Sim, A.K.S., Chai, D., & Beck, L. (2020). Participant well-being and local festivals: The case of the Miri country music festival. International Journal of Event and Festival Management, 11(4), 433-451.
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  13. Ukpai, U.K, Lew, T.Y. & Sim, A.K.S. (2013). Relationship between leadership style and project success among IT professionals in Nigeria: Implications to project management. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences,  7(12), 74-83.
  14. Sim, A.K.S. & Bujang. S. (2012). Work-family interface of hospitality industry in Malaysia: The moderating effects of religiosity. Asian Social Science, 8(8), 139-148.

Book Chapters

  1. Sim, A.K.S (2016) ‘Examining the relationship between work-family interface and job-family satisfaction: The moderating role of religiosity’, in H. Zaiton (eds) Contemporary Research on Work-life balance in Malaysia, Kuching: UNIMAS Press

Conference Proceedings/Presentations

  1. Chang, K. C., Baba, R., Lew, T. & Sim, A.K.S.  (2016). A cross-market study on impacts of green practices on lean supply chain management for SME – A conceptual paper. Proceedings of 33rd Pan-Pacific Conference, 25-28 May 201
  2. Sim, A. K. S., Lew, T. Y. and Sia, J. K. M. (2015).  The antecedents and consequences of student engagement:  A conceptual paper. Proceedings of 3rd International Higher Education Teaching & Learning 2015 Conference, 26-27 November 2015
  3. Lew, T. Y., Sim, A. K. S. and Sia, J. K. M. (2015).  Sustainable livelihood of indigenous entrepreneurs among the local communities: Constructing a holistic model for community based rural tourism (CBRT) in Malaysia. Proceedings of 3rd Annual Conference of the Asia Council for Small Business 2015, 26-30 October 2015
  4. Sia, J.K.M, Lew, T.Y., Sim, A.K.S. (2014) Understanding tourists’ perception of Miri as an event destination image. Paper presented at the Management Education: Achieving Global Standards and Recognition” International Symposium, 2-3 October, Miri, Sarawak Malaysia
  5. Lew, T.Y., Sim, A.K.S., Sia, J.K.M., & Pillai, K.V.K. (2013). The role of academics in quality assurance of higher education. Proceedings of 2nd International Conference Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference, 9-10 December, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  6. Sim, A.K.S. & Bujang, S. (2012). Work-family enrichment and job and family satisfaction: A study of hospitality industry in Malaysia. Proceedings of the Eighth Asia Academy of Management Conference, 10-12 December, Seoul, Korea.
  7. Sim, A.K.S. & Bujang, S. (2011). Balancing work and family life in Malaysian hospitality industry: The moderating effects of religiosity. Proceedings of the Tenth Academy of Human Resource Development Conference, 3-6 December, Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Sim, A.K.S. & Bujang, S. (2010). Work-family interface of hospitality industry in Malaysia: The mediating effects of work-family conflict and enrichment. Proceedings of the Seventh Asia Academy of Management Conference, 12-14 December, Macau, SAR, China.
  9. Sim, A.K.S. & Bujang, S. (2010). Work-family interface: A model of hospitality industry in Malaysia. Proceedings of 2010 International Conference on Asia Pacific Business Innovation & Technology Management, 25-27 July, Beijing. ISSN: 2094-506X


Higher Degree by Research Student Supervision

  1. Student Name: Chang Kian Chuan
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Thesis Title: An Exploratory Review of Lean Production & Green Supply Chain Management for SMEs in Asia Pacific Region
    Status: Candidacy defence done in 2017
  2. Student Name: Tan Kim Lim
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Thesis Title: Effects of psychological capital between meaningful work, job burnout and employee engagement
    Status: Candidacy defence done in 2017
  3. Student Name: Jong Cherng Yee
    Degree: Master of Philosophy
    Thesis Title: The influence of total quality management on project performance: The case of construction organizations in Malaysia.
    Status: Completed thesis writing in 2017


Other Academic Roles

Reviewer Academic Journals

  • International Journal of Manpower (2017 – present)
  • Journal of Management Development (2016 – present)
  • Journal of Business Ethics (2015 – present)
  • International Journal of Human Resource Management (2012- present)
  • Contemporary Management Journal (2009 – present)

Other Conference Activities  

  • International Scientific Committee for 3rd International Skills Colloquium, 16-17th February 2017
  • Paper reviewer for Borneo Research Education Conference, Kuching, August 17-18 2016
  • Conference paper reviewer for 3rd ASIAN SME CONFERENCE 2015, Oct 26 – 30, 2015
  • Conference committees for
    • International Conference on Human Resource Management, London, August May 6-7, 2015
    • First International Conference on Social Science and Humanity (FICSSH 2014)
    • International Conference on Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management (ICOBHRM 2013)
  • Session chair for 2nd International Conference on Higher Education and Teaching and Learning Conference 2013
  • Conference paper reviewer and session chair for Asia Academy of Management Conference (2008, 2010 and 2012)


Industry Engagement

Board Membership

  • Member of the Advisory Board to Rockville Development (Gold) Sdn Bhd (2014 – present)

Fellowship and Membership of Learned and Professional Societies

  • Fellow, World Business Institute (2013 – present)
  • Senior Member, International Economics Development Research Center (IEDRC) (2012 – present)
  • Member, Asia Academy of Management (2007 – present)
  • Member, Malaysian Institute of Management (2007 – present)
  • Member (by invitation), Golden Key National Honour Society (1998 – present)


Teaching Awards

  • CBS Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning Award, Curtin Business School, 11th April 2016


Updated on: 30 March 2021