Undergraduate Courses

The finance programs at Curtin University Malaysia teaches people how to manage resources over time, help businesses expand and know how to raise capital, and become experts in financial instruments and the functioning of financial markets. Students majoring in Finance develop the strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills necessary for success in today’s global business environment. Finance majors can find careers as financial analysts, financial consultants, finance managers, commercial bankers, investment bankers, merchant bankers, money managers, real estate agents, and treasury specialists.  At last, students can earn double majors that widen the employment opportunities and expand skills and knowledge.

The finance courses at the Malaysian campus are the same course from the Curtin Business School in Perth, Australia, the main campus of Curtin University. Students can easily transfer to other university campuses such as Perth, Australia, Dubai, Mauritius, or Singapore for a semester or more. Likewise, students studying at the other campuses could study at the Curtin University Malaysia.

Bachelor of Commerce

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