Program Objectives and Program Outcomes

The Curtin Sarawak School of Business – Department of Finance and Banking is renowned for its innovative teachers and researchers, who infuse the curriculum with cutting-edge ideas.

Finance Major Objectives

This major is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in finance, broadly defined to include corporate finance, financial institutions, financial markets and various branches of the financial services industry.

Finance Major Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

1. understand, apply and analyse financial knowledge and issues and their impacts on national and international financial markets

2. identify structures and formulate issues and apply appropriate skills to solve capital market problems

3. collect and analyse empirical data and conceptual information and be able to synthesis into appropriate frameworks for analysis of financial issues


Course Structure for Finance Programs

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Management)

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Marketing)

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