Business Information Systems and Operations Research

This cluster involves research in Business Information Systems and Operational Research, each of which is described below.


Work in the first area addresses individual behavioural information systems and organizational information systems. At the individual level, researchers are investigating the use of various categories of information systems and their impact on daily life. The research topics include social media and social networking, online gaming and addiction and online collaborative learning. On the other hand, organizational information systems research is concerned with how business information systems are used within and across organizations and their impact on business decision-making and performance. The research topics include cloud sourcing, big data and analytics, inter-organizational systems, information systems audit, and strategic IT alignment. Research is industry-connected and relevant to both theory and practice. Ongoing research focuses on investigating e-government services, knowledge brokerage, enterprise systems and e-commerce. Research proposals involving issues facing businesses and consumers are welcome.


Considered a branch of mathematics, operational research is an interdisciplinary field that involves applying advanced analytical methods to improve decision making. To arrive at optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems, techniques and methods like mathematical modelling, mathematical optimization and statistical analysis are employed. Applications regularly arise in business and energy systems, financial services, health services, telecommunications, and transportation. Areas affected include revenue management, supply chains, energy and the environment, financial engineering, healthcare management, telecommunication and transportation networks. Examples of recent research projects include container terminal operation system, unique shortest path routing, and inventory rationing among multiple demand classes.

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