Student and Alumni Relations

Fellow Alums, Students, and Friends,

Wherever you are, at whatever stage of life you are in, there’s something here for you. On behalf of the Faculty of Business and Humanities Student and Alumni Relations (FoBH-ALUMNI) and as a newly elected Chair, I welcome you to our online community! One of our goals is to preserve a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship among alumnus with FoBH-ALUMNI, improve online networking, and create a database of Curtin alumnus so that FoBH-ALUMNI can continue getting update about the year’s event at the right time.

There are a variety of ways you can show appreciation and play a part in the continued success of Curtin University Sarawak. This includes attending events, cheering for any sports event our University participates, meet and reminisce with your lecturer and friends, staying connected to each other and the University, and of course, donating time and share your experience to help Curtin University Sarawak students. Through this site you can: join the Alumni Relations, read about inspiring news, find out about upcoming alumni activities and learn about on-campus events, volunteer and much more.

FoBH-ALUMNI and I encourage you to share and use this site as one way to engage with fellow alumnus and maintain your personal connection to the University. We are excited about the direction and future of the FoBH-ALUMNI and looking forward to serve and share information with you, throughout the year. Don’t wait. We urge you to become an active alumnus and share in the exciting activities and opportunities FoBH-ALUMNI has to offer. Make your decision to begin your support by becoming a member of the FoBH-ALUMNI now!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas or suggestions to improve your experience with Curtin FoBH-ALUMNI. As your representative, we are constantly seeking meaningful ways to embrace your needs and unite our efforts in the name of Curtinians.



Azhar Yahya
FoBH Alumni Student and Alumni Relations (FoBH-ALUMNI) Chair


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